Our focus

We invest in smart companies at the seed and early stage. What we looking for is technology-based projects with a goal-oriented team and clear use-of-fund plan. We feel fine both as a lead investor – at the seed stage – and part of a bigger deal – especially in further development of companies – as well.

Investment sectors

Our team are business practitioners, which is why we focus on areas where we have experience and network:

  • industry 4.0,
  • healthcare,
  • digital healthcare.

Investment criteria

We are looking for companies that, acting as a complete team, build a competitive advantage based on technology. We focus on companies that have already verified critical technological and business risks and know what they need to continue to successfully develop their project.

Investment process

Our process takes approximately 90 days from the first meeting to the signing of the investment agreement.
During this time, we verify the compliance of the project with our investment policy, check the risks and determine the business potential. If the result of the analysis is satisfactory, together with the Founders we work out the terms for the shareholders’ agreement. The next stage is siging the investment and joint activities in our new project.