Platform based on reverse auction mechanisms for energy resources purchase.

Nanoadditives based on cerium, zirconium and silicon compounds for metallic funcional coatings

Prosthetic socket consisting of pneumatic system for adptation to the volume changes of the stub and friction-reducing coating.

Antibody-drug conjugate – combination of an antibody fragment with a unique sequence specific to the first fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR1) with a monomethylaurystatin E (MMAE) drug molecule in a human model of lung cancer

Development of a new cardiosurgical device

Automated loyalty program management platform.

Visual Content Analytics for Marketing

Content Analytics for Documents Workflow

The IoT platform for the reception, processing, optimization and partial automation of the management of the logistics process

Advanced analytical platform for sales departments.

Rupatadine generic product development and registration for licensing out

B2B platform to grow sales with property intelligence and customer data

Technology of modern, light activated, adhesive polymer biomaterials to the market

AI supported RPA solutions for sells process analytics systems

Contract Research Organization

Industrial design studio

B2B solutions for Customer Service Office automation

B2B solutions for Customer Service Office automation