Development of a new cardiosurgical device

Injectable, photo-cured and degradable biomaterials for soft tissue regeneration

Contract research and development laboratory

Antibody-drug conjugate – lung cancer treatment

Medical device solutions for continuous analysis of the myocardial Ph response during cardiosurgical operations

Manufacturing of complex pharma products via hot melt extrusion and particle engineering technologies.

Rupatadine generic product development and registration for licensing out

Development of innovative fixed-dose combination analgetic based on patents granted in US and Europe

AI supported RPA solutions for sells process analytics systems

Advanced analytical platform for sales departments.

Automated loyalty program management platform

Walking robots for business purposes based on unique technology

Prosthetic socket consisting of pneumatic system for adptation to the volume changes of the stub and friction-reducing coating.

Nanoadditives based on cerium, zirconium and silicon compounds for metallic funcional coatings.

Industrial design studio

Platform based on reverse auction mechanisms for energy resources purchase.

Content Analytics for Documents Workflow

Bakery shops platform offering bakery products delivery serviceat the highest level

Visual Content Analytics for Marketing

The IoT platform for the reception, processing, optimization and automation of the management of the logistics process

B2B platform to grow sales with property intelligence and customer data